django-channels-presence is a Django app which adds “rooms” and presence notification capability to a Django application using django-channels. If you’re building a chat room or other site that needs to keep track of “who is connected right now”, this might be useful to you.

Quick install

  1. Install with pip:

    pip install django-channels-presence
  2. Add "channels_presence" to INSTALLED_APPS:

    # proj/


This application builds on top of django-channels. You should have a good understanding of how it works before diving in here – in particular, see django-channels’ concepts.

For efficiency and flexibility with different backends, django-channels does not keep careful track of which sockets are currently connected, nor which of the sockets that have been added to a Group are still active. It does provide websocket.connect hook that fires when a client first connects, and a websocket.disconnect that fires if the client cleanly disconnects. We can use these hooks to maintain a separate list of which sockets (and associated users, if any) are connected to a room. However, there are two ways that a socket might disconnect without firing websocket.disconnect:

  1. The client might drop out without cleanly closing its connection (for example, wifi signal or power drops off).
  2. The server holding the socket connections might restart, without running websocket.disconnect handlers.

Because of these failure modes, we need both a way to track which clients have been added to a room, and also a way to periodically prune any connections that have grown stale. django-channels-presence provides the first in the form of database-backed Room and Presence models that can be used to track connections in the websocket.connect and websocket.disconnect handlers, and the second in the form of a periodic task (usable with celerybeat or cron) to clean the models up.

This implementation makes database queries on every connection, disconnection, and message, as well as periodic queries to prune stale connections. As a result, it will scale differently than django-channels alone.


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